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To make Famous Stylish Nails the best nail art, nai designs and nail care product shopping website with the best user experience available. All nail art,nail care and nail design related products have been categorized for organized, time-saving shopping. We have made it easy for you to find, compare prices and purchase all our nail care products and supplies that are available. These include brand names such as OPI, Shellac, Essie, Tom Ford, Channel, Loreal, Zoya and more.
That’s what you may be thinking, so lets lay down some guide lines:

  • Your here so browse around the store make yourself comfortable then you can checkout our product categories, featured products and more . Shopping made easy purchase nail technician books, acrylic nail supplies, gel nail supplies, press on nail supplies, nail kit combos and more.
  • Make sure to checkout Famous Broadcast and Famous Catalogue pages, there you can find Inspiration for your next nail art design or a tutorial video on how to do acrylic nails, gel nails and more….
  • You can also learn how to do your own nails or someone else’s nails by purchasing nail art, or nail design books for personal hands on reading in the Nail Technician Books category of our website, whether amateur or professional level nail technicians the knowledge you will gain from these books will be invaluable, this will also help you better provide the quality service you should want to give to yourself or a client.
  • Nail art, or more specifically nail designs like gel nail designs, acrylic nail designs, cute nail designs etc…. can be found in the nail art catalogue area. You can also send us your pics with your nail art designs attached with your name or business name and the list of items or products you used to do them and we will post it on our website, no charge.
  • We have a blog or more precise a Famous Journal, check it out it’s were you can find or latest post and videos or read about new products and nail art designs, feel free to leave some comments.
  • Last but most important have a great day wherever you are. Shop, read, browse or contact us if you have a concern, maybe a great idea or some really nice nail art pics to share and inspire people with we will reply in the shortest time possible. So be safe and hope to see you again soon.
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