Marble Nail Art Also Known As Water Marble Nail Art

Water marble nails are a finger nail style design based on dropping nail lacquers (drops of nail polish) into clear water and making a pattern on the water surface, the pattern is then moved to the individuals nails.

This nail art design style was initially created by expert nail specialists in Japanese nail salons. During the 1990s, it was promoted by business publications and released by malls in Chiba, Japan. Then, in 2010, water marble nail art was adjusted to utilize acrylic fake nails and gels.

There are two primary types of water marble nail art techniques: free-dragging and free-dropping. Free-dragging is much more popular and artistically beautiful.


What is water marble nail artNow, this style can begin from straightforward circular shapes to complex illustrations. Specifically, designs like marble hearts/peacocks, creatures, flowers, leaves, parallel lines, spiderwebs, and irregular patterns are for the most part performed with nail lacquer and some sort of tool.


Free dropping Water Marble Nail ArtDropped designs begin from colored shapes to diverse patterns, for example, spirals and geometric designs. In general, the free patterns are made by drops of colored nail lacquer. For free dropping, nail polish lacquer is dropped straight or diagonal onto the water. The pattern floats on the waters surface.


Not to mention,water marble nail art requires clean water, nail lacquer(nail polish) for free dropping, and a stick for illustration designs. Before, designs are made, your nails should be painted with a light-colored nail polish that has a good contrast in relation to the colors picked to make the design.

Water Marble Nail Art Technique
After, the base coat has dried, tape is put around your fingers to accumulate the excess nail polish after the marbling. Usually, one or two drops of colored nail polish are picked for the pattern and are added to clean water placed in a cup. After, these drops have made a circular shape on the waters surface. Then, the following consecutive color is dropped on top of the circular shape made by the first drop.

finally, the design created is then ready for application to your nail, even so, it can still be modified with a stick or toothpick to make various shapes. Next, your fingernail should then be dipped into the marble nail art design on the water surface. Lastly, while hold it submerged use a Q-tip to grab and place the remaining nail polish in place.

View this tutorial for further assistance. Enjoy!

You can view more marbled nail art designs by following this link here.


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