Removing Acrylic Nails

Removing acrylic nails, searching for an answer well continue reading or just dive right into the tutorial videos below.

OK so when your acrylic nails have grown out, needs to be replaced or you just need to get them off, you aren’t always able to visit your nail technician. We do how ever recommend you try your best to do this because sometimes or rather over time you may cause more damage to your nails when taking off the acrylic placed on them yourself.

Three (3) methods for removing tough acrylic nails:
1.Soak them in acetone
2.File them down
3.Use a piece of dental floss
Removal Method 1:

Soak your nails in a bowl of 100% Acetone for about twenty (20) to thirty (30) mins. This could be more or less according to the amount of acrylic located on your fingernails. To speed up the process you can slightly heat up a bowl of water, place the acetone in a large plastic bag put the bag of acetone in the warm water and then immerse your fingers in the acetone.

Note well that the acetone when heated may give off a strong scent. Also remember to check every couple minutes to see how much your nails have soften. Scrape off gooey, melted acrylic and then tidy up the top of your natural nails with a nail file.

We spoke of the more traditional way of removing acrylic on your nails but in the video below Tracey Cervantes has made a very useful tutorial on how to soak off your acrylic nails while still being able to move about during the process.

How to remove acrylic nails with no damage ! Tracey Cervantes

Removal Method 2:

You can use a electric nail file or regular nail file to remove all the acrylic from your nails. This process is longer with the regular nail file. Using a electric nail file can be a little dangerous so be sure you know what you are doing. Too much friction on the nail can cause it to heat up, if you do feel your nail heating up just switch to another nail and give it time to cool.

In the video above you will see how professional nail technician Suzie of Nail Career Education demonstrates trimming the length of her false nails down to her natural nails and filing off excessive acrylic or gel coating left on top of her nails.

Furthermore this sensitive task was done using both an electric nail file and a regular nail file. Note well you should seek professional assistance if you are not good with tools or if you are unsure of what you are doing.

Removal Method 3:

The unexpected use of dental floss? yes dental floss. This is by far not the safest method recommended but you well get the quickest results. We do not promote this as a regular practice but if you have no time or your in a serious rush this life hack may be just the thing you need,

Carefully slip the dental floss under any lifted part on your fingernail and slide it across the nail bed in a side to side motion pulling the floss between the acrylic and your natural nails. It can be a little painful, especially if your nails have not passed two weeks with acrylic on them but they will be off in about 5 mins.

EASY & QUICK Way To Take Off Acrylic Nails! by SamanthaNicole 

Finally at the end of any method you may choose on using, we recommend you smoothen your nails with a nail buffer, apply a coat of cuticle or vitamin E oil to your fingernails and revitalize with a brush of a nail strengthener polish.


Method one (1) and two (2) are the safest do it yourself ways to remove your acrylic nails if we want to have healthy beautiful nails, method three (3) is a bit of a dangerous measure take care when performing this operation or just use the safest method of all method four (4) visit your nail technician and have it done by a professional. So stay safe and have a Great Day.

Citations: We recommend that you follow each individuals or institutions Youtube Channel for more Tips, Tricks and D.I.Y Nail Art Tutorials. We Famous Stylish Nails nor they promote or endorse each other in anyway and we humbly give credit to their hard work on those videos.

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