Perfect Nails

Everyone of us has our own preferences, our individual likes and our own personal style, furthermore when it comes down to it we all want Perfect Nails!!

In the guide below we wish to acknowledge Cassandra Bankson for her splendid video on natural nail care please feel free to follow her Youtube channel if desired. All products used are also listed below for your convince.

Natural Nail Care Tutorial! How To Care For & Keep Natural Nails Beautiful, Strong & Healthy! ? Cassandra Bankson

Perfect nails has different meanings for different people. Some of us prefer natural nails while others like to add a little nail polish. You may think that this is as easy as waking up in the morning but it really is not. To manage your natural nails takes a lot of time and dedication. You have to ensure that they are strong to withstand daily activities and still make you proud to show off their beauty at all times.

On the other hand there are those of you who are adventurous and expressive with their nails and simply can’t live without acrylic, shellac or gel nails being the leading styles. Due to this most people may have their nails taken care of by a nail technician on most occasions, this would result in having gorgeous looking nails in an instant.  But even after they are done care is still necessary to keep them looking perfect. Every nail technician should advise their clients on how to care for their acrylic, shellac or gel nails according to the clients environment.

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