Long Nails – The Beauty They Carry and How to Grow Them.

You Know The Beauty Long Nails Carry!

Honestly, for some of us, there is nothing that gives a more awesome feeling than having beautiful, natural, healthy, long nails to flash around (some inspiration). Aside from that, it makes us look fun, classy or adorably cute. Those nails can even highlight that “sexier” look we sometimes want.


If you did not know — long nails that are awesomely manicured can go an extremely long way in describing your confidence and personal style among other things. Mind you, growing stunning, healthy, longer nails can be somewhat of a challenging task; great news!


These simple tips you will learn here will hold you by your hands and show you how you can get those beautiful, long nails you crave for. You may also need to read about Perfect Nails for the best nail care and treatment guidelines. Please do make yourself comfortable, as you proceed with reading our simple yet very effective nail growing tips:

Best DIY Tips to Growing Longer Nails
  • Avoid Using Your Nails as Tools: Just like it is absurd to use your iPad as a chopping board, it is not advisable for you to use your nails as tools for picking and scratching things. Here’s why: Using your nails as tools to open soft drink cans, pick your teeth or any other unconventional use will make them break easily and you won’t achieve maturing those beautiful, longer nails; think about it.
  • Beware When Doing Laundry? Wear gloves: Detergents are one of your nails’ sworn enemies, because the chemicals in them can be really harsh on your nails and are capable of causing splitting and peeling. Also, believe it or not! Wearing gloves while gardening also goes a long way protecting your nails from infection, preventing damage of nails and loss of natural oils.
  • Avoid Biting Your Nails: How will you ever achieve growing those fascinating healthy, long nails if you keep biting them off before they grow out? Applying a coat of nail polish is one of the best ways to stop you from biting those innocent nails. How you ask? You really don’t want to experience the terrible taste nail polish has.
  • Cultivate The Habit Of Keeping Clean Nails: For your nails to maintain their good health and beauty, it is pertinent that you make sure your nails are always clean. Getting clean nails are as simple as you washing under your fingernails whenever you wash your hands.

Customary Exercise Is Key

You may come across more ideas out there but making proper utilization of the few tips listed above as part of your life style, can give you a victorious out come in the battle for getting yourself those alluring long nails. Gather your confidence, grow those long nails now!!!.

Be safe and hope to see you again soon, remember to leave comments or suggestions to help us improve user experience on our website.

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