Ombre NailsInterested in Ombre Nail Designs?

To start off, Ombre nail art is done with not just one nail lacquer color but with a blend or fade between two or three colors. When done correctly your design can grab a lot of attention and have bystanders steering at your fingernails.

Creating the perfect ombre nail style may sometimes be difficult, however, particularly when you’re under the attentive gazes of your customers. Here are a few hints to enable you to figure out how to paint ombre nails your customers will love.

Ombre Nail Technique

Before hopping in, it’s essential to think about a couple of details. Like the colors that you are going to use. By choosing the right nail lacquer colors, you can properly display the beauty of the ombre look, so when choosing, pick shades that are similar in tone and brightness. 

As you’re beginning, pick pairings that are already great complements to one another, for example, pink and orange or blue and purple even green and yellow, as you’ll have a simpler time mixing and blending these colors. 

Moreover, as you become more skilled in doing the ombre look, you should attempt bolder color shading blends. Like high contrast (black and white)to leave your customers’ nails looking savage.

Your customer’s nail shape is another significant factor to consider. Longer nails look delightful with an inconspicuous, normal nail style, while shorter nails hold up well to darker shading blends. 

When you’ve picked your colors and surveyed your customer’s nail shape, that is when it is a great opportunity to attempt one of the accompanying ombre techniques listed.

1: The Ombre Nail Sponge Technique

Sponge Nail ArtThe Ombre Nail sponge method works best with regular nail lacquer(nail polish). Using a wedge-shaped makeup sponge and two nail polish colors, follow these steps to create a stunning, breathtaking, beautiful Ombre nail art design..

Step by Step Guide

  • Prior to starting, cut a strip of makeup sponge. This will help keep the ombre contained and will limit cleanup on the skin suface around.
  • Now you apply your base coat, then after applying it, apply one slight layer of the lightest picked nail lacquer(nail polish) to the nail.
  • Paint parallel flat(horizontal) stripes of each one of your nail polish colors one next to the other. This should be done directly on the surface of the makeup sponge that was cut.
  • Gently tap the sponge onto the nail, reapplying the lacquer to the makeup sponge as required (for the most part after 2-3 nails). As you’re tapping the sponge, move it up and down slightly on the nails surface to blend and blur the spot where the colors meet.


  • To achieve the desired level of shading. Repeat the Ombre Nail sponge technique described in step four directly above.
  • Clean surrounding skin with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover if needed.
  • Finally, for a sparkling shiny finish, place a glossy topcoat on the Ombre Nail design and dry properly.

To get a better idea watch this Ombre Nail Sponge technique tutorial done by Nail Career Education.

2: Ombre Nail Brush Blended Technique

Nails Brush Blend Gel PolishThe Brush Blended technique or Ombre Nails Gel Polish style, is the most ideal way to get a perfect blend of nail polish colors on the surface of any fingernail. All you’ll need are two gel polish colors and a lint free nail wipe.

Step by Step Guide

  • Firstly, you start by applying your base coat. Then, after curing paint one of your gel nail polish colors on the left half of the fingernail. Additionally, make sure to overlap the vertical center line slightly.
  • Now, brush your second chosen color onto the right side of the nail. Next,  blend the two colors in the center of the nail by stroking the polish downward along the vertical center line multiple times until the nail polish colors blend properly. Notably, be sure to clean your polish brush by wiping it on a lint free nail wipe before returning it to the bottle to avoid any color transfer.


  • Clean any extra gel polish from the surrounding skin, and after doing that cure the first coat of color in your LED or UV light.
  • Repeat the second and third techniques to guarantee great color evenness and coverage with a smooth, blended center.
  • Lastly, apply your gel polish topcoat and cure once more. Then, purify the nail and complete the Ombre Nails gel polish design with a healthy nourishing fingernail cuticle oil.

For further clarification on the process you can view this Ombre Nail Brush Blended tutorial done by Nail Career Education.

Making the best Ombre Nail Design depends largely on using the best products that will guarantee you end up with flawlessly blended style. Furthermore, to you my most welcomed visitor always remember practice makes perfect.  So follow the tips provided above step by step and you will learn that Ombre Nails was once something you wanted to learn to do.


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