Ejiubas Newest Arrival 24 Pcs Metalic Blue and Light Purple Color Changing Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips


1.Metallic BLUE and PURPLE CHANGING :(1)These Metallic BLUE and PURPLE CHANGING is the amazing and unique design.The color on the face will not easily peal off .The texture is smooth and exquisite which look rich and noble. (2)Quality promise ,durable and long lasting.Ejiubas false nails are internationally certified and EU compliant, they are manufactured from high quality virgin ABS plastic .
2.WHY EJIUBAS?(1)Ejiubasnails are removable, reusable (2)They can be customized to your needs, whether its length or shape to match your look and painted with nail polish to change the color to match any occasion.(3) Tired of the color? Use nail polish remover to remove the polish and uncover the original nail design. (Please note any nails with glitter, 3D or matte finish will be damaged if painted).(4)Apply in seconds renewable removable, reusable(5)Light weight,feel like your own nails.
3.Ejiubas is the perfect fix for your nailddiction and allows you to change your nails to match any look while achieving professional nail salon quality without spending a fortune.(1)All the Ejiubas nail tips are designed and created by our own outstanding designers and produced by our own factory. You will not find the duplicate in the world(2)Thousands times of test before selling.Repeated improving and fixing to adapt to people’s size and taste

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